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We stand out as a results-oriented global talent solutions provider for the global workplace, prioritising the success of our clients, team members and partners.

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Elevate your business value

Enhance the value and efficiency of your firm by working with outsourced talents who can provide you with the performance and quality of work you seek. Whether you need more time to focus on important matters or want access to specialised skills and knowledge to bolster your business goals, our dedicated team members can deliver.

We offer premium talent that fits your company standards and culture across a range of roles, including accounting, marketing, customer support, marketing creatives, administrative staff and more.
Accountants / CPAs
Virtual Assistants
Virtual Administrators
Virtual Receptionists
Call Center Agents
Web Chat / Live Chat Agents
Web Designer
Graphic Designer
Social Media Manager
Remote IT Support / Assistance

Know exactly how
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Unlock a world of advantages, including cost-effective solutions, round-the-clock support and the assurance of reliable and professional services.
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Premium Support and Security

Enhanced Systems and Security

Experience the seamless operation of your remote team through our continually improving and developing technologies, coupled with our stringent and top-notch security systems. 

We take pride in our high-quality systems to ensure quality control and the continuity of your business operations.


Our behind-the-scenes tech team are always pushing boundaries to develop and implement state-of-the-art platforms. 

We take pride in our systems to give you peace of mind that your job is completed in a timely manner, whilst honouring the integrity of all things to do with safety and security.

Inspiring Workspaces

Workplaces Designed for the Best

Our purpose-built modern facilities are designed to promote productivity, while offering privacy and great acoustics to perform a variety of roles. 

With our workspaces being incredibly generous and state-of-the-art, we ensure the comfort and productivity of our hard-working team members.

Productivity Through Empowerment

Our office strategies focus on providing all the support team members need to do their most impressive work.

• Strategic deployment and delegation that cuts down commute time and gives employees the chance to build work-life balance.

• Setting up systems that drive team collaborations, innovations and excellence.
• A solid employee rewards & recognition strategy.

On-Shore Local Support

Our local on-the-ground experts possess in-depth knowledge of local markets.

Therefore, when you partner with us, you gain not only a dedicated team or team member for key roles in your business, you also get an Account Manager on-shore committed to ensuring the success of your global team.

Trust Us to Exceed Your Expectations

Our mission is to help your business succeed.

Unmatched Support

Our dedicated support teams and systems are available round-the-clock to assist teams and clients.

Team Benefits​

Each team member receives best-in-class benefits. We prioritise their well-being and engagement through our attractive incentive programs and a hands-on HR team.

Rewards & Recognition

By empowering and supporting our highly skilled and fulfilled team members, we enable onshore teams to thrive, allowing firms to concentrate on profitability.

Sense of Community

We foster a sense of community through regular events and meaningful activities that bring employees together as a community.


We are passionate about the difference education can make in propelling people and businesses towards their full potential. So, we created the Ab² Institute of Accounting, accredited in Australia and the United States, and the only continuing professional development (CPD)-approved provider in the Philippines.

In this way, we ensure your team maintains its expertise and skills, and can always offer the latest sound advice and technologies, specific to the accounting industry.

Courses include:
Professional development short courses
Technical training for technologies including Xero and QuickBooks
Country-specific qualifications, such as the Diploma of Accounting
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In today’s high-risk, high-stake business landscape, your people are your greatest competitive advantage.

AOG empowers your business to reach greater heights by matching you with trustworthy, reliable, five-star global talent.

Scale your business to new heights today

See your business grow and prosper - minus the challenges and huge costs of finding & integrating the top talent you need to make that happen.

Australasian Outsourcing Group sets you up with talent superstars in no time, so you can easily get started with making your vision come true.

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