Meet Our
Highly-Skilled Accountants

Work with accountants and CPAs who will care about your business as much as you do. 

As your trusted talent solutions provider for the accounting industry, we understand that ethics matters as much as talent. That’s why we take the time to get to know each member of our outsourced accounting team, assessing not just their skills but also their professional and personal integrity.
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Team members like Charisse

Mother, mentor, friend, professional: We’ve gotten to know all sides of Charisse Rivera. Her ability to juggle the responsibilities as a senior accountant for her Melbourne-based firm speaks volumes about both her character and the calibre of our teams in the Philippines.

Charisse graduated from the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, with a bachelor’s degree in accountancy. Charisse believes in quality over quantity. That’s why, today, she and her firm are inseparable, and Charisse often finds herself on the frontlines of her firm’s decision-making processes.

We’ve helped Charisse find her firm; who can we find for yours?
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We’ll Build an A-List Accounting Team For You

When you partner with Australasian Outsourcing Group, you’ll get more than just access to a top-tier global talent pool. What makes our service more beneficial to your business are the systems we have built, tested and fine-tuned in place to match you with the right people and ensure a seamless workflow between you and your team.

Our service includes setting up state-of-the-art communication and collaboration platforms for daily efficient workflows. It also involves investing in enviable office spaces powered by the latest equipment and facilities to support team productivity and performance.

Whether you’re an established firm, a small start-up or sitting in between this, trust AOG to have the resources you need to move your business to the next level as you deserve.

Accounting Tasks You Can Outsource

Accountants and CPAs from AOG are known for going beyond
the basic requirements.

When you onboard an accountant we have screened, vetted and handpicked for you, expect a loyal team member prepared to hit the ground running.

Get ready to hand over all your time-consuming tasks to your outsourced global accountants, including the following:

Balance Sheets Management

Organise balance sheets, profit-loss statements and associated documents 

Financial Audits

Perform financial audits and prepare reports for business transactions

Tax Management

Process and file tax payments and returns

Financial Reports

Provide accurate, real-time KPI reports and financial statements

Payables and Receivables

Track, process, verify and reconcile accounts payables and receivables

Budget Forecasting

Collect, investigate and monitor financial data to develop business forecasts

Payments Management

Receive, record and summarise payments to all stakeholders

Legal & Compliance

Conduct financial reporting and compliance audits, and establish processes to ensure the company’s compliance with financial regulations 

Our Accountants’ Qualifications

All our accountants are graduates of reputable universities, holding relevant accounting undergraduate, post-graduate or post-qualification degrees.  

+ Educational Background

Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance

+  Effective Communication

Ability to explain complex concepts to non-finance stakeholders

+ Work Experience

Extensive experience in working with private companies and public institutions 

+ Industry Knowledge

Expert-level knowledge of accounting principles, regulations and procedures

+ Software and Tools Proficiency

Mastery in the use of accounting software such as FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Xero and MYOB

+ Excel Skills 

Advanced Microsoft Excel skills for managing large datasets using functions and automation

+ General Ledger Functions

Experience with general ledger accounting and reconciling financial statements

+ Precise, Accurate, Analytical Reporting

Unparalleled data management skills that ensure all claims are fully valued with relevant supporting information 

Find the Right Accounting Partner Today 

Our mission is to help your business succeed.

So we invest in the critical things that will make that happen:

  • Premium talent that perfectly matches your business needs.
  • Communication and collaboration platforms that allow you to know, check and monitor your business anytime, anywhere.
  • An efficient workflow system that frees up your time so you can focus on what matters.
  • Excellent facilities to keep your team inspired.
  • Continuous support so they can do top-rate work for you. 
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AOG empowers your business to reach its true potential

Your people are your greatest competitive advantage. 
Trust our chartered professional accountants (CPAs) to provide dedicated support tailored to your needs, delivering exceptional results and handling tasks with precision.
Gain valuable operational and financial insights for your firm or organisation by tapping into the expertise of our bookkeeping professionals. 
Delegate time-consuming administrative and ad-hoc tasks to our capable team, freeing up your resources for more important endeavours.
Virtual Assistants
Seamlessly manage your daily obligations with the help of our virtual assistants, who excel at managing schedules, office admin, travel arrangements and handling various tasks. 

Scale your business to new heights today

See your business grow and prosper - minus the challenges and huge costs of finding & integrating the top talent you need to make that happen.

Australasian Outsourcing Group sets you up with talent superstars in no time, so you can easily get started with making your vision come true.

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