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Let us handle the talent search while you focus on driving your business forward. Get ready to harness the best graphic design talent for your projects, with us as your gateway to unmatched creative excellence.
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Team members like Edlyn

Aptly placed within a Canadian firm, Edlyn Canda is efficient and dedicated. She’s known professionally as both a stickler for deadlines and getting the job done right. But we also know her personally as an incredibly conscientious person who always keeps her team’s best interests close to heart.

Her career as an accounting administrator and manager started when she graduated from Holy Angel University in Pampanga (PH), with a bachelor’s degree in accountancy. Speed and efficiency are two traits that allow Edlyn to thrive in her role. And the results she brings are always the same: higher productivity and a higher quality of work.

We’ve helped Edlyn find her firm; who can we find for yours?
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Get Access to Our Pool of Exceptional Graphic Designers

When you partner with Australasian Outsourcing Group, you’ll get more than just access to a top-tier global talent pool. What makes our service more beneficial to your business is the systems we have built, tested and fine-tuned in place to match you with the right people and ensure a seamless workflow between you and your team.

Say goodbye to the challenges of traditional hiring and hello to a world of seamless talent acquisition. Our outsourcing agency ensures that you have access to premium graphic designers without the usual recruitment hassles. Whether you need stunning visuals for branding, marketing materials or digital campaigns, we have the perfect design virtuosos to match your specific needs.

Graphic Design Tasks You Can Outsource

More than just a service provider, your graphic designers are your strategic partners, dedicated to elevating your brand's visual identity
and leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

From logo creation to marketing materials, our designers weave creativity into every project, ensuring a stunning blend of aesthetics and functionality.
Whether you're a startup seeking a distinctive identity or an established enterprise aiming to elevate your brand, we've got you covered.

Brand Identity Design

Creating visual elements that define a brand's identity, aligned with the brand's personality

Marketing and Advertising Materials

Crafting visually compelling promotional materials for campaigns

Website and App Graphics

Designing visuals for websites and mobile applications such as banners, icons, buttons and other UX elements

Print Design

Developing various print materials, such as business cards, letterheads and product packaging

Illustrations and Infographics

Illustrating reports and infographics to communicate complex data in a visually engaging way

Your Graphic Design Team's Qualifications

Let your graphic design team be a driving force behind your success. Your partners in visual storytelling, working tirelessly to convey your brand's essence with precision and flair.

+ Creative Portfolio

A strong body of work demonstrating creativity, design style, and ability to create visually compelling and innovative designs

+ Design Principles

Mastery of composition, colour theory, typography and visual hierarchy

+ Communication

Can clearly articulate their design ideas and take feedback constructively

+ Time Management and Attention to Detail

Can manage their time effectively and deliver high-quality work on time

+ Web Design and UX/UI (Bonus)

Especially relevant if they will work on digital projects

Find the Perfect Graphic Design Partner for Your Business 

Our mission is to help your business succeed. So we invest in the critical things that will make that happen:

  • Premium talent that perfectly matches your business needs.
  • Communication and collaboration platforms that allow you to know, check and monitor your business anytime, anywhere.
  • An efficient workflow system that frees up your time so you can focus on what matters.
  • Excellent facilities to keep your team inspired and motivated.
  • Continuous support so they can do top-rate work for you. 
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AOG empowers your business to reach its true potential

Your people are your greatest competitive advantage. 
Trust our chartered professional accountants (CPAs) to provide dedicated support tailored to your needs, delivering exceptional results and handling tasks with precision.
Gain valuable operational and financial insights for your firm or organisation by tapping into the expertise of our bookkeeping professionals. 
Delegate time-consuming administrative and ad-hoc tasks to our capable team, freeing up your resources for more important endeavours.
Virtual Assistants
Seamlessly manage your daily obligations with the help of our virtual assistants, who excel at managing schedules, office admin, travel arrangements and handling various tasks. 

Scale your business to new heights today

See your business grow and prosper - minus the challenges and huge costs of finding & integrating the top talent you need to make that happen.

Australasian Outsourcing Group sets you up with talent superstars in no time, so you can easily get started with making your vision come true.

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