Meet Your Team

Talent management is our core mission. When we choose team members for you, we make sure to select not just the best of the best, but also the best fit for your business.

Our work doesn't stop at search. Our partnership with you involves a strategy that invests in training and retention, so that your team members develop, grow and be perfectly equipped to support your business as it expands to new horizons.
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Talent Acquisition for Future-Ready Businesses

Finding the right person - or building an entire team - for your organisation entails an innovative talent strategy. We go beyond conventional recruitment channels. Our strong network, global job market platforms and innovative headhunting resources, sets us apart from the rest in helping you to find the BEST fit for your business.  

For your business, that means access to a vibrant talent pool that you can rely on for excellent performance, collaboration and integrity and we take great pride in doing so.
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Our People, Your Dream Team

Our talent solutions are designed to fit your business needs, and agile enough to pivot as your organisation evolves.
Problem Solvers
We seek candidates with a natural ability to analyse complex challenges and develop innovative solutions, combining critical thinking and creativity to drive positive outcomes for your business.
Highly accomplished
Our team members have a track record of outstanding achievements in their field, holding degrees and certifications from reputable institutions and demonstrating exceptional skills and expertise.
Honest & hardworking
Our people exhibit integrity, a strong work ethic and a commitment to delivering quality work. Honesty, dedication and reliability are the pillars of their professional approach.
Lifelong learners
We attract individuals who are curious, adaptable and eager to be invaluable assets to your team. We match their thirst for knowledge and commitment to personal development through thoughtful support and compensation. 

Meet Charisse

Mother, mentor, friend, professional: We’ve gotten to know all sides of Charisse Rivera. Her ability to juggle the responsibilities speaks volumes about both her character and the calibre of our teams in the Philippines.

Charisse graduated from the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, with a bachelor’s degree in accountancy. From there, she has worked with organisations across several industries, including automotive, energy, shared services and accounting. This experience exposed her to best practices in accounting and developed her skills to help clients keep their businesses financially healthy.  

Charisse keeps a tight rein on her priorities. That’s why, today, she and her firm are inseparable, and Charisse often finds herself on the frontlines of her firm’s decision-making processes.We’ve helped Charisse find her firm; who can we find for yours?
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You're in good hands.

We handpick talented individuals who are not only highly experienced & exceptionally qualified, but also with a heart to care for your business as much as you do.
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For Filipino professionals: We are still hiring!

Build Your Career With Us

Build a career with AOG and experience the following life-changing benefits:

  • We recognise and reward the value you bring to the table. We're committed to providing above-market compensation because we want to ensure that your hard work and dedication are duly recognised and appreciated.
  • Joining our team means being part of a global network. Collaborate with diverse clients and employers from around the world to broaden your professional horizons, enhance your cultural quotient and get closer to international opportunities.

Scale your business to new heights today

See your business grow and prosper - minus the challenges and huge costs of finding & integrating the top talent you need to make that happen.

Australasian Outsourcing Group sets you up with talent superstars in no time, so you can easily get started with making your vision come true.

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